Monday, October 3, 2016

New cross stitch, and a night out

I have been keeping my fingers busy with lots of cross stitching. It's a great tool for a lonely spinster such as myself ;-)

I made this for a coworkers birthday. Pattern available on Etsy from Ampyfied

This pattern took me a very long time to finish, the end result is fantastic. The pattern calls for yellow bats, but I made them grey instead. Pattern available on Etsy from DeepKalio

Games of Thrones cross stitch! I love how it looks like a tapestry. I haven't washed or ironed this yet, so it's a bit wrinkled. Available on Etsy from Ad Leones

On Saturday 1st October I was lucky enough to DJ at the goth night The Gathering. Lots of fun, and my makeup turned out really well.
Here is my playlist:

Prudish 11.45pm-12.30am
1. Goodbye Horses by Garvey
2. Love My Way by The Psychedelic Furs
3. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush
4. Fade to Grey by Visage
5. Let's Dance by David Bowie
6. The Lovecats by The Cure
7. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
8. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division
9. I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock of Seagulls
10. Take On Me by Aha
11. Whip It by Devo
12, The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen

Prudish 1.15am-2.00am
1. Closer by NIN
2. Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron
3. My World by Colony 5
4. Unicorn by Apoptygma Berzerk
5. Call The Ships To Port by Covenant
6. Chrome by VNV Nation
7. Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy by Rotersand
8. This Shit Will Fuck You Up by Combichrist
9. Smack My Bitch Up by Prodigy
10. 100% (Combichrist Remix) by Angelspit
11. Safety Dance by Men Without Hats


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Love the makeup!

Michelle said...

Nice work! And I can't believe how quickly your hair has grown! 💚

Bane said...

WOW! I am amazed at the cross stitch work. The Frankenstein's monster is awesome.

Your makeup did turn out great! And I'm loving the play lists.

Insomniac's Attic said...

That Frankenstein picture is amazing! I think it was a good choice to change the bats from yellow to grey. Your makeup looks fantastic - I've realized after the Witches Night Out function that I've lost any makeup skills I once had, it having been so long since I've applied any. lol

Caroline Åsgård said...

Ooo, awesome work! I've recently done cross stitching on an app, it was a little relaxing xD
You look great and good playlist!