Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peter Pan Collar Dress Review

Dress: ASOS Curve
Belt: Evans
Tights: Evans
Boots: Underground Shoes

I got this dress from ASOS Curve, which is a plus size section of the ASOS web store. I first heard about ASOS on advertisements during America's Next Top Model when I was living in the UK. I never bought anything from the website because I didn't have enough money.

The selection of plus size clothes is decent, and very nice. There are so many things on my wish list that I will buy when I have money. I managed to afford this dress because they offered free international shipping, and I had some money left on my UK bank card.

The dress arrived in a week, very quickly considering UK shipping usually takes awhile. It was packaged well, nothing torn and the dress in a plastic sleeve with cardboard. It had a separate invoice and a page that had information about returning items.

Everyone was complimenting me on the dress, and I really loved it. One of my friends was even annoyed that they didn't do it in smaller sizes because she wanted one. I really like the collar, and it stayed down and didn't fly up.
I've read other reviews from plus size blogs saying that the dresses are a bit too short, but I didn't really mind. I usually wear my dresses with tights, and I chose to wear my Evans purple tights with it. My usual black tights are dying and I need to buy some more.

I really like the jersey material. Nice and light, but also heavy so it doesn't fly up in the wind. It would go great with a cardigan or jacket.

The only problem I had with the dress was that there was a defect on the front. A row of tiny cuts under the bust line. I really couldn't be bothered returning it, as I wanted to wear the dress to my friends birthday party. You can't even see the defect when wearing the dress, and someone would have to look really close at my boobs.

Overall I recommend ASOS Curve as a really nice plus size clothing website, and I can't wait to buy more things.

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