Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Sorry about not posting a 'Wednesday Wants' last Wednesday. I'll put up an epic post now, not that anyone reads this blog yet anyway :P

Today I'll focus on Evans. I was going to do a post on shoes, but there doesn't seem to be many cute shoes around.

Well, these one's aren't bad..

Block heel bow detail courts, from Evans. But I wouldn't be able to walk in them. I really love the patent leather look.

Sometimes it's hard for a Goth to go to 'normal' stores and try to find Goth items. It's even harder for a plus-size Goth, like myself. I usually have to keep a keen lookout for black items. More points if clothes include lace, and aren't frumpy.
Usually I find clothes at Op Shops. It's only after long searching that a Goth item pops up, then I have to snatch it and wear it to death.

One thing I really dislike is stores trying to sell basic clothes for a high cost. Such as skirts. I'm not paying $20 for a plain black skirt, I can make one if I really want to. I always think that when shopping, if I can make it then I wont buy it.

I would totally wear this dress and cardigan together. I'm not fond of short sleeves, I'll never wear them. So cardigans do a good job, and seeing as it's turning into winter in Australia I wish I had more! But they're one of those items I can't justify paying lots for.
Pleated fan tunic and black long sleeve bolero

I love everything about this shirt!! Okay, well, maybe not the spots. But the shoulders and the bow, it's all so cute! I don't think I would be able to get away with this as I'm not used to seeing myself in patterns. But a nice top none the less.
Sienna Couture polka dot pussy bow blouse

And finally a plain waist belt. I want to buy a million of these, because one day they'll go out of fashion and I wont be able to find them anymore. I love waist belts, they're so 80's
Black croc waisted belt

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