Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday Wants: PUNK SPECIAL!

Oh Poly Styrene. Why did you have to die?
So, I'm looking at lots of punk clothes. I've been wanting a leather biker jacket for ages, but sadly I don't look good in leather and it makes me look fatter than I really am. AND plaid pants. I love plaid pants, but no plus sizes :(
So here is what I'm wanting:

Both of these are from Angry Young & Poor. 3/4 Plaid Pants and Biker Jacket.
But the thing about Punk is that you shouldn't buy a ready made outfit. That is just lazy, and stuff like that is expensive. Buy a few staples, such as the above, then make punk t-shirts. Punk t-shirts are the MOST easiest thing ever. I make them with all my old band shirts, I cut around the neckline and cut the sleeves too. Then I put safety pins and badges everywhere.

Plus, there is no reason to not know how to DIY your own clothes. It's so much easier since the Internet came out. I remember when I was a little baby bat, and I wished for small easy things like plus size fishnets. Now it's really easy to find what you want. So google some punk or goth DIY.

14-eye Dr. Martens. I love Dr. Martens, I have this pair already but I would totally buy another pair. Comfy, and you can walk in them all day without getting sore feet. I always polish mine so they're nice and shiny.

Lastly, I want some more nose chains. This is me with my normal nose chain, but I need a new one. I have to keep an eye out for some nice chain pieces.

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