Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Okay, so I thought of a few Wants for this week. Basically I'll be doing it when I can find enough items.

First off, I just bought a crap load of stuff from Torrid. They had all these belts, and I couldn't resist. Plus this:

 Day of the Dead Cardigan. Torrid, $38.50. I totally bought this. They didn't have my size, so I got one up from that. I can just tailor it if I find it's too loose.

Bird skull necklace. Ebay, $16aud. Have I already featured one of these? I can't remember, but I really love these. I think I will buy this one, seeing as it's a good price.

 Evans Diamante Swimsuit. Evans, £32.00. It's currently spring here in Australia. Days are usually around 23 degrees C. but a few days ago it was 35 degrees. That's what it usually is in summer, all the time :(
I basically died, I really dislike summer. But it made me think of swimming and eating icey poles. This is the only swimsuit I could find that I really liked.

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Kamyria Magdalena Mourn said...

The cardigan looks awesome and I just love that necklace!!