Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween That Was...

My Halloween weekend is now over, and let me say it was JAM PACKED! Right now I'm sitting, waiting around for trick-or-treaters (we don't get many, but I'm always ready).

Here are the photos from my Halloween:

Yep, I made the dress, shoulder pads, wrist things, ray gun holster. Basically everything!

For my makeup I used Stargazer facepaint for the silver side of my face. My lips were done using eyelash glue with glitter over the top. I also added stick on gems, stuck with extra eyelash glue. I covered up my eyebrows using a drag queen trick that I found on youtube.

I sprayed my hawk with white and LOTS of glitter hairspray. I love glitter hairspray.

This was at The Loft, two people dressed as Yip Yips!!
I had a 45min DJ set at The Loft, all my songs had something to do with Halloween.

The awesome coffin at The Loft! I wanted to steal it.

You know what? My costume reminds me of this colouring book: Fat Ladies In SPAAAAACE!

In other news, the band Alien Vampires who played at Club Unknown were really good. I enjoyed their performance and danced to all their songs. My best friends had a huge fan girl moment because they got to hang out with them at the after party. My other friend, Merissa, was in charge of bringing them over the Perth. I think she did a brilliant job!


Kim said...

How hot do you look!!! :D

What a cool Halloween look!!! :D

Kim said...

OMG I would have loved to have gone with you!!! :D

Tenebris In Lux said...

Damn, that costume is amazing! I love every detail of it, it looks like you actually put some effort into making it too :-) The makeup also compliments it quite nicely.