Monday, November 28, 2011

Lipcote Review

I hate it when my lipstick doesn't stay on my face. I'm usually careful, but my perfect lipstick can be ruined by something small. Like drinking or eating.

So I researched online for lip sealers and Lipcote came up as one of the best (apparently). I got a bottle from ebay for around $5 (pretty cheap). It comes in a little glass bottle with a red top. It resembles nail polish, and the colour inside is clear with a yellowish tinge.

The instructions were basically:
- Put on lipstick and lip liner. Blot.
- Paint on Lipcote and let to dry
- Wait for burnyness to stop (it's not too bad though, it only happens for a second or two)
- Repeat if you want.

 So here is how it turned out:

My plain old lips. Don't use any lip balm beforehand, make sure lips are dry.

Outline lips. I'm using black eyeliner because I'm lazy.

Put on lipstick and blot. I'm wearing Cyber by MAC.

Put on Lipcote. OH GOD IT BURNS! Repeat putting on lipstick and blotting and burning.
Lipciote left my lips surprisingly moist, I was worried it would make them dry. My lips had a nice shine to them and everything felt good.

This is at 4am in the morning. After McDonalds, dancing, sweating, lots of water. You can't notice any of the fading if my mouth was closed.

Job well done Lipcote!

Conclusion: I totally recommend this product if you'd like your lipstick to stay for ages without having to buy stayput lipstick. I will be buying this again when I run out.

Pros: Cheap, quick, easy. WORKS!

Cons: A bit of burnyness, but nothing too horrible. Would be worse if I had chapped lips.

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Katelynn said...

I am so glad to see a product review on this(I was thinking of buying it myself). I currently only have one lipstick and it is one of those super long lasting ones and i love it but they don't come in very many gothy colors so now i will be able to buy lipstick and lipcote in confidence.