Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balm Review

I first became aware of Morgana Crytoria from the blog of Sophistique Noir (who is one of the most beautiful women I've seen. Her blog is great!)

I took a look at the Morgana Crytoria website and fell in love with some of the colours. I spent around $50 for 7 lip balms. They took around a month or so to arrive (due to Australia being on the other side of the world to America) and I got them before Christmas. It's so hard to find unusual lip colours for such a good price. Not to mention that they are made by Morgana herself and are vegan.

The lip balms come in a regular lip balm tube. This means it's really hard to apply evenly, and I find it a bit hard when I don't have lip liner to guide me. I used a lip brush to have better control over where I put the colour on my lips.

The colours all have a level of shine/sparkle to them. This really helps to make the colour pop, especially with metallic type of colours.
Here are the colours I bought. Test on my forearm. Colours left to right are: Spellcaster, Vampire's Vineyard, Eggplant, Sapphire Smile, Hemlock, Starburst, Hathor

Starbust: It's a dark blue/grey with sparkle throughout.

Eggplant: I thought it was a very flapper type of colour, making my skin look paler. I guess mauve describes the colour best. 

Sapphire Smile: A metallic blue, I was most excited about this colour. 

Spellcaster: I was the most disappointed with this as I didn't expect it to be so sheer. It gives your lips a nice light purple sheen.

Vampire's Vineyard: I think it's a cross between plum and red/pink. Looks really brilliant on me.

Hathor: A solid purple! I bought this solely because of Sophistique Noir.
Hemlock: A really dark green/grey with green highlights.

Pros: The colours are true to the website. If you combine the lip balm with Lipcote then it lasts for ages! Lots of different colours to choose from.

Cons: I guess maybe the price. I mean, it's not that bad but I did just spend $50 on lip balms which is more than I've spend on any lip product. It was a bit of a gamble too, because I didn't know what the colours looked like in real life and if they would suit me. You can get samples sent to you for a price.

Overall, I highly recommend Morgana Crytoria as a great source for strange coloured lip products.
I've even sent a new order off for some lipstick! :)

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Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great lip swatches! I have a bunch of these and I really enjoy them.