Thursday, January 5, 2012

Internet Connection: Hopefully

Hello everyone, sorry about the non-posting. I've had no home internet connection for the past few weeks due to me moving. I will post more about my new place later.

Some news:
- Combichrist are coming to Perth (got my ticket)
- I'm seeing the Dresden Dolls next Thursday (I love Amanda Palmer, I've seen her twice but was too young to see the Dresden Dolls when they first came to Perth. It was an 18+ gig, and I was 16)
- I did some shopping at City Chic, they had 75% off!
- I've applied for a permanent library technician position at my work.
- 15 new ear piercings at once (ouch)
- Boring/normal xmas and new years
- Lip balm review for Morgana Cryptoria coming soon!
- DIY projects around my new apartment. Photos will come soon.

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