Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So Much Dancing

I went to The Loft last Sunday (the 8th). I was looking forward to dancing heaps, and The Loft never disappoints. It was also a long weekend, so I got to sleep in Monday morning :)

The Loft is held at Geisha Bar in Perth, they usually have house music on the long weekend. My boss decided to let The Loft crew to have a chance. It was packed! There were a lot of normal people though, so I'm guessing lots of people were expecting house music (yuck). Instead there was awesome music.

I really dislike sharing the dance floor with normal people sometimes. They don't know about dancing space, I need room to dance! Some people just stood on the dance floor talking (get out of the damn way!). Then I got laughed at by some random chicks, my dancing style is 80s, but I'm not bad. I guess they're not used to a fat chick dancing brilliantly, I love dancing so they can bugger off. Then a dude kept trying to grab my hand and put his arm around my shoulder, I kept telling him to back off. Then he got kicked out (haha)

Dress: City Chic
Belt: Torrid
Winklepicker boots: Demonia

I really love this dress, it's so 80s and cute! It has the right amount of sleeve that helps me hide most of my flabby arms. It has two ruffles on the skirt, great for twirling.
The only thing I don't like is how low cut it is. I have to safety pin the dress to my bra, or my boobs will show :-/
Maybe I just don't have big enough boobs for this type of dress.

I put my hair into a messy backcomb. I really couldn't be bothered putting it into a hawk. It was kind of pushed over to one side and messy. I thankfully put enough hairspray in so it didn't deflate.
 I also LOVE wearing red lipstick. I just can't get over the whole green+red=Christmas thing.

Wearing my cute bat earrings that I got from Claire's in the UK (Halloween selection)


Meeow said...

The earrings are gorgeous and I love your dress :)
(and: I know what you mean - I also hate it when people are standing on the dancefloor and talking instead of dancing ^^)


Meagan Kyla said...

Naw,you'd never look like Christmas! I love the red lips!!!
I know what you mean about people not having club etiquette, it's sorta a subject I always wanted to rant about. Don't let the bastards get you down, they are just jealous that you are having a blast and enjoying yourself.

You look 80s-licious and I LOVE your earring selection! Cheers doll!

Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

Lovely earrings! I always stock up at places like Claires at Halloween for jewelry and black nail polish. :D
You look marvelous dahling!

Goth Mary Poppins said...

Your look catches the atmosphere of both paintings, I just love how the green of the picture is your hair!

I've just wrote about falling in love with poppies... How did you make them stay?

jurassicgoth said...

I'm just catching up with a few posts I missed. This dress looks amazing on you and really works with the backcombed hair. I'm sure you rocked the dancefloor ....some people just don't know how to express themselves so they dance like there mum's are making them do it (and look like a load of shuffling penguins in the process)and if they were laughing at you dancing they were probably stupid insecure penguins. I bet I know who looked better and was having the better time x

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

LOVE the outfit!