Sunday, June 17, 2012

Perth Megamouth

Take a look at this awesome video about moving the Perth Megamouth. I always loved visiting the Megamouth when I was a kid, and I was sad to see it had moved (I didn't know where).
But now it's in Fremantle! Sadly the Fremantle Maritime Museum cost money to get into :( it's only $10 but it's still strange having to pay to get into a museum (I usually donate a few dollars when I go inside a museum anyway)

There used to be a HUGE whale skeleton in the old Perth Museum, but it's been put into storage until they can build another building. I can't wait to see the whale skeleton again, it was my favourite when I was a kid.

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Kim said...

Your inspire story was so so so cool!!!

Here is how I feel about what you write.....

I get little fun bites of home! And while not Goth I get some wonderful fashion ideas from you!! So thank you for your input in to my life!! :)