Saturday, June 2, 2012

When You Inspire Someone...

I recently got this amazing note someone wrote to me on my DeviantART account (written in relation to my "How To Backcomb Your Hair" youtube video):

Hey. I don't know if you remember me - I'm the girl who back-combed her bright blue hair into epic proportions. I know you didn't reply to my last message, so I hope it wasn't because you didn't want to talk to me for some reason.
Anyway, I just got a hair crimper and finally got the hair thing down (and do it pretty much every day now actually since the crimping means I don't even need hairspray or much backcombing) and I was thinking, your video changed my life in such a real way.
Because of your video I got my back-combing to work, and posted a photograph of it on Facebook, where my favorite writer (a girl from Seattle) commented on it. Through this we got talking and discovered we had the same interest in the subculture, same interests outside of it, same stances on everything we came across, no matter how obscure. The hair also revealed that my then ex felt that the way I was acting was dumb - as a strong lover of HIM and Evanescence etc he thought that the things I liked were terrible and out of date. Through this I discovered a different side of him, and our relationship ended. I don't think it was the differing taste in music that did it of course, but it's what made me notice elements of his personality and how he acted around other people when I wasn't there. (Although he thought my deathhawk was ugly, so he had no taste anyway, heh.)
Not long after, I realized that I'd never felt anything a shadow of how I felt about that writer. She thought I was pretty neat too. We got together in the July. I spent the Christmas with her, and this summer we're spending 10 weeks together. I'll see the 4th of July fireworks by Lake Union, and a thousand other things. She's told me that if things stay this way when I graduate from my university course she thinks it'd be pretty nice if we got married. We'd be 25 and 26 then. I hope we get there. I kinda feel like we will.
And I was thinking when I was doing my hair - if you had never made that video would this ever have happened? And I thought maybe you'd find this interesting.

It's such an honour for me to get this type of letter. I never knew that I could affect someone this way. I'm only a fat Goth from a small town. Things like this give me strength.


Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

Oh wow. That is a lovely letter to receive. <3

Moda gotica said...

Cool !!!! ^,..,^

Magichild said...
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