Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Week Behind

I had a pretty busy weekend, last weekend. Yes, I'm a week behind in my blogging. What can I say? I'm lazy :P

On Satuday 23rd I went to see A Royal Affair with my friend Merissa. The film is about the Danish royal family in the 18th Century. I love historical movies, and Merissa and me always go to see them together. The cinema was packed with what Merissa calls the 'Blue Rinse Brigade', all the old ladies going to see the film. Me and Merissa were the youngest there :P
The film was great! Costumes and settings were lovely. I would totally go and watch it again.

I wore:
Sisters of Mercy Shirt: Ebay
Skirt: Big W
Tights: Kmart
Winklepickers: Demonia (the heel fell off, again! I might write and angry letter to demonia)
Cotton biker jacket: Ebay (studded by myself!)

Later that night I went to a 'reunion' type of night that was for all the older alternative types to get together. That didn't stop me going! I was a bit over-dressed though, but I guess it's better to be over-dressed intead of under-dressed.
A irish guy complemented me on my hawk. He then asked me what type of music I'd like to have played, I quickly searched my brain for a really obsure goth band :P
"definatly Danse Society" I said, sipping my lemonade.

Check out my cute bat hairclip. I got it from etsy!

Please excuse creepy glowing eyes.

Specimen shirt: From their gig I saw in London 2010
Corset: ebay
Epic belt: ebay
Skirt: Yours Clothing
Winklepickers: Demonia

The next day I walked to a retro/vintage market that was being held in the next suburb. I underestimated how long it would take to walk there, so it took an hour both ways. Well, at least I like walking! :P
I bought two records, Bowie and Adam Ant. I'm trying to start to collect records, I've always loved records but I've never been in the position to buy any. Sadly all of my favourite bands are really hard to find, I'm not going to find a Red Lorry Yellow Lorry album easily!! I think that's where the internet comes in. If you have old goth records you don't want, give me a yell. I'll buy some! :)

On Sunday evening I headed off to The Loft. It was their 2nd birthday celebration, sadly I didn't get to DJ :(
I left my hawk up from the night before, too much effort to wash it out and put it back up again.

I wore a super cute dress that I got at City Chic on sale. The dress is really ugly and square on the hanger, but it looks curvy and brilliant when I wear it.
I had to wear my other demonia winklepickers because my favourite ones broke again :(

Again, sorry for any spelling mistakes. Spell check isn't working again, damn Blogger.

Sad news, I won't be able to DJ for a while. The Loft isn't running weekly, and The Crypt has to find a new venue. I'm really sad, as I love to play music and make people dance.


jenniferw68 said...

Hi Natalie. Which Ant album did you find? All of my vinyl albums that I bought thirty years ago are somewhere in my parents house, but I have yet to locate them. I did, though, recently find my badge collection from high school which was awesome. -Jennifer in Atlanta, USA

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

Hi Jennifer, I only have two at the moment. Dirk Wears White Sox and Kings of the Wild Frontier. I'd love to get some more :)

Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

I haven't heard of the movie but I loooove historical fiction so I'll have to check it out.
Cute dress too! :)

Sarah Silence said...

I love the bat clip in your deathhawk! Too cute! The bone one is pretty too =).

kakuidori said...

wow, your hair looks perfect even after a night?! how do you manage this?

Hair Extensions Australia said...
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