Monday, July 15, 2013

Junee and Monte Cristo

It's been a week since I went to Wagga Wagga to go to Charles Sturt University. My laptop computer and internet connection at home is THE WORST! I'm trying to fix my internet and get a new computer, because I'm getting really annoyed not being able to upload anything. I'm writing this at work (naughty, naughty).

Anyway, I visited Wagga Wagga to attend CSU resident school for my Bachelor of Information Studies course. This was basically a compulsory unit that introduces you to the university, and you get to meet fellow students. I'm doing this course part-time by distance education, that means all of my studies will be online.

I flew from Perth to Sydney, and then took a train from Sydney to Junee where Monte Cristo is located. I've always wanted to visit Monte Cristo, ever since I was young. It's reputed to be the most haunted house in Australia. I didn't see any ghosts, but it is a very beautiful house.

Lots of photos after the page break!

On the train. It took hours to get from Sydney to Junee. At least the view was nice.

Moo-cows! I saw sheep, horses and lamas too!

After arriving in Junee, I took a 10 minute walk to Monte Cristo. It was all uphill, and a bit tough on my broken ankle.

Here is the lovely Montre Cristo Homestead. Built 1885.

They had a few mannequins throughout the house. Maybe to scare people?

Elvis items in the library. Haha :)

Up the steep stairs to the second level.

Me in the mirror! Holding the Monte Cristo guide.

The creepy girls room. WITH DOLLS!

Out on the verandah. Lovely views.

Looking over Junee

The box/chapel room. Mrs Crawley didn't leave the house after her husband died. She made this room into a little chapel.

Servants quarters

This is the back of the house, and the original building. When Mr Crawley build the bigger house, he used this as the servants quarters. The grape vine is also original.

Ye Olde Dunny

There was a great collection of historical carriages.

They also sell antiques.

When I saw this piano, it reminded me of that part in Ghostbusters, where Bill Murray plays a few notes and says that ghosts hate the sound :)

And that's it for my trip to Junee! I highly recommend visiting Monte Cristo. One of the people who worked there was kind enough to give me a lift back into town!! So kind.
I caught a bus to Wagga Wagga, which is 30mins away. Then to Charles Sturt University.

The first day was really foggy. I did not take any photos of the university buildings because they were very boring!

I really enjoyed the resident school. I was so worried that no one would like me! But I found some nice people to talk to. There were only two other people from Perth. Everyone seemed to be from the eastern states.
I hope that I do well in my classes, I'm a bit worried!

After Wagga Wagga, I travelled to Sydney to stay the weekend with my friend Lana. We were going to Q Station for a ghost tour, but my flight was delayed :(

I went to Cobweb Club in Sydney, Lana was a DJ. I did a little bit of dancing, but soon my ankle started hurting. I hate not being able to dance! :(
Sadly, no photos of my outfit.

Here is a handsome Sydney cat. He got a pat from everybody walking past. You can't resist his fluffy face!


Michelle said...

Wow, that place is awesome!! Those old dolls are super-creepy :P

Insomniac’s Attic said...

So many beautiful things I'd love to have! Those fireplaces are fantastic.

I love it when it's foggy. Doesn't happen nearly enough as I'd like over here... :o)