Monday, July 15, 2013

MoMA and Egypt Exhibit

This weekend was a busy one!

On Saturday, I took my dad to the art gallery to see the new MoMA exhibit. It was a treat for his birthday.

Lots of photos after the page break

Me and my half-sister Heather.

Me, Dad and Heather. I don't know where I get my height from!

 Le Goulue at the Moulin Rouge by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Blue and Violet Flowers by Emil Nolde

Illumined Pleasures by Salvador Dali
It's amazing how small and detailed this artwork it. Especially because the medium is oil. Oil paints are terrible to work with!

Listen to Living by Roberto Matta

Garden II by Richard Artschwager.
These were HUGE and amazing. Each drawing was made up of swirls.

Self portrait that I drew. They had a kids activity area, where you could sit down and draw a self-portrait.

Violin and Grapes by Pablo Picasso

Subject from a Dryer's Shop by Lyuboc Popova

Debris of an Automobile Giving Birth to a Blind Horse Biting a Telephone by Salvador Dali

I Still Use Brushes by Arman Pierre Fernandez

Modjesko, Soprano Singer by Kees van Dongen

Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair by Frida Kahlo

The next day, Sunday, I went to the Egyptian Exhibition with my friends Hayley, Kylie and Stefan. The exhibition is being held at the Museum of Western Australia. The items are on loan from the British Museum.

Statue of the goddess Sekhmet

Stela showing high priest Psusennes before Osiris, Horus and Isis

Statuette of Osiris

Scroll showing the types of things you can encounter in the underworld.

Funerary papyrus of Henuttawy.

The god Thoth with a scribal palette standing before the sun god Ra-Horakhty

Set of canopic jars. These are only symbolic because they're too small to contain actual organs.

The coffin and mummy of Irthorru.


Mummy mask with spell from the Book of the Dead.

Coffin of Horaawesheb containing mummy of an unknown woman.


Lucretia said...

Wow, you've got some REALLY well preserved artifacts in that museum! I would love to see that whole collection. ::sigh:: Thanks for posting such great pics! :-)

Dani DeathBiscuit said...

I can't wait to see the exhibit!
Going to see it next week :) looks amazing!

linnea-maria said...

I think you drew a lovely self portrait of yourself :)
Still having to use the rails on your leg? I wish you a good recovery and hope so much that you will be able jump around soon. <3

Morgaine Fey @Purji said...

Excellent of you to take us on tour with you!! Everyone I know is breaking their feet/ankles/legs these days! Three people in my office alone. So hard to make those boots glamourous.