Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I finally got a new laptop and set up a broadband service. My old laptop is really, really crap. It's slow and overheats so I have to aim a fan at it (yes, even now in Winter).
My internet connect was really crap before, I had a wireless dongle which should have worked in my area by didn't. Now I have a naked modem connection. It will be great to have an internet connection that doesn't drop out every minute.

Does this mean I'll be updating more? I hope so! My new laptop/internet means that I'll be able to upload stuff at home (I used to do it at work, sneaky).

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The Green Fairy said...

I know your pain, my laptop sits on a usb fan tray constantly plus when gaming I have to sometimes fire the cool setting on my hairdryer at it so it won't shut off.

Yay for more posts!