Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Black Magic Review (One Hand Washes the Other)

Ever since reading a review from Bones and Lilies, I've wanted to try Black Magic from One Hand Washes the Other.
(Also, Karoliina from Bones and Lilies is really beautiful. Please check out her blog)

Black Magic is a face cleanser filled will all types of yummy stuff. It's natural, and supposed to be good for your skin. I really enjoy the scent, which to me is menthol/Tea Tree Oil/Peppermint oil.

Opening the package

Gold paper!!

I got stickers and free samples!!! I didn't really enjoy the scent of the solid perfume samples, but I really liked the stickers.

I bought a solid scent too.

I bought the cream jar, which comes with a little spatula. I first take off my make-up with Neutrogena make-up wipes (these are seriously the best). I then take a little scoop of the cream, and put it on my hand. Then I use my finger to spread it on my face and rub it in/wash it off.

I find that this cleanser does not dry my skin out, I haven't had any flaky icky skin for ages. It also seems to help with my pimples/blackheads. My natural skin type is really oily in case you're curious.

I highly recommend giving this cleanser a go. I will be buying this again!

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The Cemetery Dreamer said...

Ooh this looks great, thanks for the review. When I run out of my current stuff I might have to get it. I have irritatingly oily skin and I love tea tree/menthol stuff so it might be just what I'm looking for!