Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perth Tattoo Expo 2013

I visited the Perth Tattoo Expo on Sunday with Haze and her girlfriend Kylie.
My mood has not improved, in fact it has got worse :(

Shirt: Ebay
Skirt: Asos Curve
Winklepickers: Underground Shoes

Most of the tattoo parlors in Australia are owned by bikers, so the expo was full of bogans with mullets and sun damaged tattoos. I did see my tattoo artist, Josh, at his booth. I talked about wanting a David Bowie tattoo, my next appointment is near Christmas.


TanteFledermaus said...

I get why you'd be in a bad mood after that- it would be hard to be demonstrably cooler than anyone else in the room.

The Cemetery Dreamer said...

Your outfit is awesome here and it really shows off how awesome your ink is!

I can't wait to see your David Bowie tattoo either.

Totally agree with TanteFledermaus by the way.

Lucretia said...

Glad you got your appointment! I agree with the previous comments, you look fab, probably MUCH better than anyone else there. Sometimes you just have to tune out the peasants and pretend you are the Only One There...

linnea-maria said...

You look great. You really rock the cirkle skirt!
I bet you were the best dressed person at the convent.
Looking forward to see the Bowie tattoo.

Kita Ku said...

Natalie you're looking gorgeous! If it would be possible for me I will invite you for photo shoot for my plus size clothing shop. haha