Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bat Fit 2015 Goals

You guys, I'm really scared. I've joined Bat Fit for 2015, but I have absolutely no confidence in myself.
I've followed Bat Fit since Franny at The Curious Professor Z started it. She wanted to become healthier before her 40th birthday, and asked bloggers to join her on her journey for health. Franny made wonderful progress, and I was insanely jealous of her and the other girls who did Bat Fit.
Now Franny is going to kick off Bat Fit for 2015 and I've decided to join (eep!).

I'm really scared, because I don't think I'll succeed. I don't have a support network in my life to help me along, and I don't like going outside, so this doesn't help with fitness goals. I don't like setting goals for myself or telling people about them. I'm especially scared about doing this publicly on my blog, because it means that you guys can see my (lack) of progress.

I have a lot of things in 2015 to look forward too, such as a trip to Phuket and a trip to Melbourne. I'm also looking towards 2016 where I hope to finish my bachelor degree and travel to America and the UK. I'm really going to try my best to do Bat Fit, and I hope you guys can join me on my journey.

Bat Fit 2015 Goals:
1. To comfortably be able to sit in aeroplane seats and thrill rides at theme parks. I'm able to fit in aeroplane seats at the moment, but not very comfortably for long hauls as I get bruises on my hips from pressing against the armrests. I want to be able to sit comfortably on these seats, and be able to use the lap tray too!
I also want to be able to ride on roller coasters without having to be anxious if I'll fit or not.
This means I'll have to lose weight, which I've never done before in my life. I love food way too much.

2. To be able to lift heavy things, to be a strong swimmer, and to be able to run or cycle. I don't know how I'm going to reach these goals without putting down money.

3. Continue my study of a bachelor degree. I know I won't get high marks, but if I pass that's okay!

4. Try to be more motivated. I've dropped so many things in 2014 due to my depression and lack of motivation. I can't say that it'll get any better, but I will try my best.

5. Be artistic, do more crafty stuff.

6. Stick to a budget! I've got to save for my future holidays, plus I need to pay back some loans, look after my car, and pay my health insurance in July. I need to learn some self discipline, because it's so easy for me to waste money on things I don't need.


Kamyria said...

Those are some great goals! Good luck and don't be scared. Believe in yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

Good goals, good luck, and don't be scared - I've dropped the baton so many times this year (my first BF year) but given the general stresses of life I'm not going to castigate myself for it.

Regarding swimming, that's going to be one of my goals as well. I've discovered that there are times at my local pool where it's considerably cheaper to swim and try to get there then. I know it's not possible for everyone, but if you are also a student you may also be able to get student rates. I'm not a strong swimmer as such, but I am building up consistency through repetition. I have a tendency towards anxiety and find swimming quite therapeutic, it kinda zens me out! Just one piece of advice - get a swimsuit you feel completely comfortable in - mine is basic black & hides a multitude of sins!!

Best of luck, and you are not on your own, there's a community out here shouting you on!

The Professor said...

My dear, sweet friend! Know that you have a very supportive WORLD network here on your blog and on the Bat Fit FB group. NEVER feel that you are alone. Failure is when you give up completely. As long as you try, you have succeeded. Sometimes we all "fall out of the Bat House," be we get up and right back in. You can always email me or SKYPE me to talk. I'm here for you!

You also just gave me some good and important ideas for posts for the Bat Fit kick off week. THANK YOU!

The Professor said...


Insomniac’s Attic said...

Every morning when you wake up, change your mantra from 'I don't think I'll succeed.' to 'Today I WILL succeed in doing ...' whatever your goal is for the day.

It's all about baby steps, I think. A tiny success every day (and to me, success is if I only eat two cookies and not ten!)adds up to a lot of positive changes by the end of a year.

Just keep your stick on the ice, Nat. I'm rooting for ya!

linnea-maria said...

Hey it's completely cool if you won't progress. I'm the lousiest Bat fitter ever in this group. I've only gained weight :-(. But I think your goals are great because youre not only writing, loosing weight. Being healthy is so much more. Having a bachelor degree as a goal is great :-).

Neecie E. said...

I'm scared, too - but we can do this! And as Professor Z said, we're all here to support you. I found that taking dance has helped me be more physical - in other words, maybe you can find an activity that's fun but doesn't feel like "exercise"?

Bane said...

Good luck! Try for a small step or two each day and before too long, you will make great progress. We support you!

Michelle said...

I do yoga at home on YouTube, and have lost quite a bit of weight! Check out - lots of beginners stuff!

N. Finsternis said...

I support you on your goals, it´s a great thing to just start making a list, and I am sure you will accomplish what´s important to you. have no fear even if it won´t be the entire list, maybe just 2 things, but it´s already a good start. I am too scared to start something like this myself ehhe. I wish you lots of luck and I believe in you :)

mrs.c said...

Go for it! There is fitness stuff on the web, and if you have a games console, there's plenty on offer. Just take small steps at a time. Let yourself have set backs too, just get back up. I bought a kettlebell, which I'm gonna start using more often again, and gonna have zumba on my nintendo wii. You can do it!!!!

Leslie said...

I don't know how workout-focused you are, but over at NerdFitness there are some body-weight workouts (a la Batman's Turkish prison workout regime) that don't require any sort of equipment… no money expended! I've tried a few, and they kicked my ass.

mo shockey said...

Go you!!! <3 I'll be cheering you on and trying to do the same!

Gloom and Bloom said...

Hey there! De-lurking to comment and send encouragement! I'm right there with you, I hate exercising but recently discovered hula hooping. It sounds silly, and it is, but it is really of my favorite hoopers is from Australia actually, Deanne Love, She does great videos for absolute beginners.

Cheers to your goals and for sharing them. That always seems like such a scary step for me!