Saturday, December 13, 2014

Spooky Holiday Gift Guides

A few of my favourite websites have produced some holiday gift guides for the more morbidly inclined.

Cult of Weird, Holiday Gift Guide 2014
This gift guide offers some amazing ideas, but sadly most are very expensive. Sure, I'd love a piece of skull embedded in a ring, oh it's $400, never mind then.

The least expensive things are probably the paper items they suggest, such as books, calendars and posters. Check out the ideas, and then look through the website because it's one of my favourites.

Order of the Good Death, Very Merry Morbid Gifts Under $25
Caitlin at the Order of the Good Death offers more budget friendly gift ideas. I highly suggest her book, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (which I will be reviewing once I've finished reading it).

Once you've looked at the gift list remember to view her youtube videos and articles. She offers a really great insight on death practices, and gives ideas for what's available for the disposal of bodies.

Gothic Beauty, 2014 Holiday Gift Guide
A good selection of Goth accessories, from cheap to expensive. All of these items seem very generic though, that you can buy any other time of the year.

Buzzfeed, 21 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Goth in your Life
Don't look at me like that! Buzzfeed has some good ideas. Such as the cute teeth ring. Some of these might not be to your liking (such as the pink jacket) but there's some nice ideas to get started on your quest for the perfect gift!

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Kamyria said...

Oh these are great.... I would love the black skull and those raven nail decals.. oh yeah and the bat laundry clips