Monday, December 8, 2014

December Descent 2014

Last Thursday was the last Descent of the year. It's always a pleasure being able to DJ there, and I hope to do it again next year!

I'm wearing a green lipstick from Life's Entropy called Matrix.

I didn't get to play a longer second set, because we closed early.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Specimen
Arabian Knights – Siouxsie and The Banshees
Nine While Nine – The Sisters of Mercy
Shadowplay – Joy Division
Play for Today – The Cure
Lagatija Nick – Bauhaus
Walking on Your Hands – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Deliverance – The Mission
Impossible – The Floor
Mouthful – Rule of Thirds
She Will – Savages
Dandelion King – March Violets
Back Door – Clan of Xymox
Europe – Killing Joke

Youth Sentiment – Sigolo XX
M.E. – Gary Numan
Fascination Street – The Cure
The Last Song – Trisome 21
Killing Moon – Echo and the Bunnymen
Stigmata Martyr – Bauhaus
Shaving My Neck – Gene Loves Jezelbel


Black Invious said...

You look amazing! Love the earrings:)
Would be awesome to hear You on a party someday, but it's so far away from Poland to Australia... :(

Sylvie Little Corp Goth Girl said...

I love how happy you look on the set, it really shows that you love what you do. I really like your lineup. Most DJs in my area dont always play the classics, it is nice to see that you do