Monday, May 22, 2017

DIY Brooch and Earring Frame Holder

Whilst I had my staple gun out I decided to tackle another project.
I was going to make a brooch and earring holder out of a frame and some lace.
I got this wooden frame from an Op Shop for $10 and I spray painted it black.

I liked this frame because it had a lip on the inner part, I was going to use this as a base to staple my lace.
I also didn't want the backings of my accessories to scratch the wall, so I think the base helped with this.

Standard stretchy lace from the fabric stash.

I roughly cut it out. It didn't have to be perfect, especially because it's stretchy.

I started folding and stapling it into place. I did a LOT of stretching, as I didn't want my heavy accessories to drag the fabric down.

I only realised after that my staples were too big and some of the wood was being damaged! Eek!!
I'm not a fussy person though, so I just used black paint to hide them :)

Finished, with the damage visible.

Finished, with the damage painted over.
I love that I can see all my brooch and earring options! Of course, this frame wasn't big enough for my whole collection ;)

I used these 3M velcro type picture stips to hang it. This means I can take the frame off to get to my accessories.
I hope this inspired you a little bit!


Aji LaStrange said...

Thanks for the idea! =D

Bane said...

Great idea and beautifully done! :D I'd like to include it in the GIY "Repurposed" craft-along if that's okay.

Sarah said...

An amazing idea I love it.

Insomniac's Attic said...

It's like an awesome piece of art! Kind of horrifying about the staples though ... been there, done that as they say. But you did a marvelous recovery job. ;)

Vyvyan Wormwood said...

I can't wait to do my own version of this. I'll link back when I do!