Monday, May 22, 2017

DIY Reupholstered Chairs

So I got these mismatched table and chairs from a second hand store for $50 all together.
The table is sturdy, but needs some sanding and painting (future project).
The black metal chairs are also sturdy, but have an ugly fake leather electric blue fabric.

My goal was to reupholster these with new fabric.

I did some quick measuring, and purchased three metres of this lovely skull fabric.
I didn't use all the fabric, so I have some left over.

Is was easy enough to unscrew the chair from the frame. Only four screws held it in place.

I decided to keep the blue fabric underneath. This makes my job much easier, and I think the blue fabric will give a waterproof backing.
I made sure the blue doesn't show through my fabric before cutting out a generous square. I used this first square to also cut out fabric for the other chairs.

I folded over the raw edge underneath, and I used a staple gun the hold the fabric in place. I also made sure to keep everything centred, and taunt. Especially because this is non-stretch cotton fabric.
I also got the wrong staples for my gun, so I had to nip out to the hardware store to get the correct ones. Whoops!

The corners weren't too tricky, reminded me of wrapping a present.

This is my first time doing any of this type of craft, so I make sure to use lots of staples on the corners to keep them in place.

Seat one is finished!
I continued to do this to the rest of the seats and screwed them back onto the frame.

I'm so glad I got these all done.
My next big project will be the table, I need to sand it outside when it's a sunny day.

For now I put a cloth over the table, and my chairs look so much better!

Before and after.
I think I did a really good job. This was a very simple project, and it only took a few hours for me to complete. I have never done reupholstering before, but I found it easy to do. Perhaps this may inspire you to reupholster your own furniture!


Aji LaStrange said...

Great fabric choice. Can't go wrong with skulls. XD

Bane said...

Awesome job! They look great. I love the fabric.

Sarah said...

They look amazing now, what a trance formation.

Insomniac's Attic said...

Chalk paint, Natalie ... then you don't need to sand! Can you get it over there? I love the new fabric on the chairs, and good idea to leave the blue on - less work!

I attempted my first reupholstering job on a bench a few months ago, but I trimmed the fabric too short in one corner and I'm pretty sure it'll pop apart some day soon. lol