Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday Wants: Cat Coven

Cat Coven features a whole bunch of witchy designs on t-shirts, pins and patches.
What I love most about this shop is that it's very affordable, and the items are handmade. The shop is run by one woman, Kjersti, who describes her images as influenced by her interest in the occult, feminism, cats and heathenism. My type of girl!!

I already have a "Creature of the Night" ladies shirt with a fantastic bat print on it.
I hope to purchase some more items in the future, but for now I hope you'll indulge my little wishlist. Perhaps you'll find something you like, and purchase something to support small business :)

Feminist Means Equality slouchy shirt. Photo from Cat Coven
I don't have any feminist shirts at the moment, but I would really love one of these. Feminist forever!

Forget-Me-Not slouchy shirt. Photo from Cat Coven.
I really love this print.

Midgard pin. Photo from Cat Coven.

Tea or Death patch. Photo from Cat Coven.
They also have Coffee versions available!


Elena Ferrari said...

LOVE cat coven! I found them on etsy. Thanks for the info about the sale!

Michelle said...

Oh wow, love that feminism shirt!!