Monday, July 11, 2011

Black Plait Detail Dress- Yours Clothing Review

I promised that I'd get photos of all my clothes from Yours Clothing, but sadly my little sister was asleep when I needed her to take the photos. So I'll have to wait till I see her next week.

But I did get a photo of one of the dresses, and a belt. Here is the Black Plait Detail Dress and the Black Heart Double Buckle Stretch Belt

I love this dress. It's made of soft jersey material and it's really comfy. The sleeves are nice and long, and it will be perfect for summer. The length is also good, coming to my knees. I'm very happy with my order from Yours Clothing, I got this on sale with an extra 20% discount that I found.
I didn't really get to accessorise this properly, as I had come straight from work and I needed to get changed quickly to go shopping.

 Sorry about the chipped nail polish! This is my favourite belt from my order. I love the buckles, and how it fits really well. I'm so glad I found this style, as I've been wanting one of these since was I young. It's very 80s.

My order from We Love Colors came today!! I got two black tights and one pair of white (to go with my Peter Pan collar dress).

It also came with a cute catalogue, I love how colourful it is! I will review the tights when I wear them. I did try on the white pair, and they're VERY comfy. I'm a bit worried the black pair wont be dark enough, seeing as my favourite tights so far are from Evans. But we'll see.


Arisa Gossamer said...

Can I please point out that you got white and black from a company called We Love Colors? Please? I find it quite amusing. Although colored tights are a lovely addition to an all-black outfit, I do understand why you'd get black and white. Personally, I have 6-7 pairs of black tights *-*

Natalie said...

@Arisa: I really don't suit any colour other than black. I love having lots of black tights because they go with everything! :P