Monday, July 25, 2011

The Amenta @ Unknown, and The Loft

July 23rd I went to Club Unknown. Me and my friends have been craving a night out, as all the Goth clubs in Perth have nearly died. We haven't been dancing in a month. The Amenta were playing, they're a metal band. I really dislike metal, so I was worried I wouldn't enjoy myself.
Basically I didn't enjoy the metal played. It was packed with metal heads, who left straight after the band. Which I think is a bit rude, I mean what else do they have to do on a Saturday night?

Here is what I wore:
My makeup. Not very good, I think I've lost my talent because I haven't done it in so long. I'm also wearing my new MAC Lipstick, in the colour Cyber. Oh, and not forgetting my lovely nose chain!

 Sorry about the crappy nail polish! Here is my awesome bell bracelet. I've been trying to find one for ages, and I finally got one in a hippy/gypsy type store in a shopping centre.

 Here are the photos taken in the bathroom at Club Unknown. You can tell because of the fog from the smoke machine!

Necklaces: Made by a friend.
Lace top: Op Shop (given to my by an ex-friend)
Corset: Can't remember :(
Skirts: Top layer from Target. The bottom one from a brand called Prude (a one off I think)
Boots: Demonia

After going to Club Unknown I stayed over my friends house and spent the next day with them watching How Clean Is Your House? And screaming whenever they touched dirty stuff with their hands. Seriously, it's brilliant.

Sunday night we went to The Loft, because I was DJing.
 I wore my new lace top from New Look. I also used a touch of my MAC lipstick.

 I'm standing in my friends bedroom, if you're wondering.

Necklaces: Ebay
Lace shirt: New Look
Singlet: Ebay
Skirt: Prude (this was under my other skirt when going to Club Unknown)
Fishnet top: I made it (going to post a how-to soon)
Boots: Demonia

The next time I get to dress up will be this Friday at Darkwave. Which basically a concert.


Anonymous said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! You look fabulous for club night -- trés old school. I really like the blouse in the day after pictures, very pretty!

Hugs from NYC!

Tenebris In Lux said...

I still love your hair ^^

Bah .. I still can't find any good clubs around me. Either I'm not old enough (getting closer ..!) or it's more than an hour away to drive. And due to the "locater" I was using on some site, I'm not sure how accurate the information is. *sigh*