Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shoes and Stuff

I got these from Target, it's really hard for me to find shoes. I'm a size 12 women's, a size 10 men's. I can fit into a size 11 at Target. I got these on sale (about $25) and they're really comfy. I wore them to work the other day, when it wasn't raining. Plus, I've loved this style of shoe ever since it came into fashion.
Sometimes I have to wait until a style comes into fashion, so I can buy lots of things and wear them when they're out of fashion.

Demonia boots that I had on layby at Red Stripe Clothing FOREVER. Well, only a few months but it felt like forever. I love winklepickers, and these have cute skull buckles. The only thing is I need to get the soles re-done at a cobblers, as they don't have any grip. I really don't want to slide around while dancing.

It's funny because one of my friends purchased some shoes like this in Germany, but with a heel on them. What can I say, but great minds think alike?

I basically got this because I need a new perfume but I hate going to a perfume counter. I don't know what I want, and I really just want to find the PERFECT scent that everyone will instantly recognise as me.
This mini-perfume sample comes from Lush (I don't usually buy stuff from there as it's expensive, and it feels kinda like they're always patting themselves on the back for doing handmade/organic/hippy type stuff).
Anyway, the package is cute. AND I GOT FREE STUFF!!

FREE STUFF!! I've never got free stuff when I've ordered something on the Internet. In my box, I got a shower gel, face scrub, and moisturiser (for boobies, you guys at Lush trying to tell me something?)

And I got a cute eye hair clip while picking up my  shoes from Red Stripe Clothing.

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