Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Wants

I came home from a crappy day at work to find PACKAGES! YAY!!! The first one I opened was some cute lightning bold earrings from Ebay. The next was some cosmetics from Mattify! (which I will review). The third was my Yours Clothing purchase.

I couldn't wait to rip into it and see what I everything looked like. I'm very happy with my order, and I'll try to get photos of me wearing it all tomorrow (if I can convince my sister to help).

I just bought some things from New Look's website. They have a small plus-size section, and I've been eyeing off some of their clothes for awhile.
I also just purchased a MAC lipstick off ebay for $25. Much better than the $36 they expect in stores.

For this weeks Wednesday Wants I've been looking at a few coin purses.
 Totoro coin purse, $5 from Ebay. I love Totoro, but I'm a bit worried this will become dirty in my bag. I saw some cute sugar skull coin purses too.

Black plain skater tunic. £29.50 Evans. This is an awesome dress for the lazy goth. Just have to pair it with tights, boots, and a ankh. I'm going dress crazy at the moment. Probably because I could never find a dress without it being frumpy and horrible.

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