Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Le Professeur Gothique's Monthly Homework Assignment: Naked November

The lovely girl over at Le Professeur Gothique has started setting a monthly assignment for people to follow. November's theme is 'Naked November' and my task is to show my makeup removal and my clean naked face.
(She also gave me a Gothic Blog Award and said some very nice things about me! I've been trying to comment on her post and thank her for it, but google is playing up on me and saying I don't have access)

This is the makeup I wear everyday to work. It's very different to my 'going out' makeup. I guess I could do a more dramatic makeup, but I wear reading glasses and my work clothes are pretty boring. You can see this is morning as my hair isn't pushed back and I look very sleepy :P

I use Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid foundation. I have a huge 200ml bottle I got from ebay for $100 (this is cheaper than buying the same amount of product in store). I don't use it straight from the bottle, but instead squeeze the foundation into a smaller bottle you can see on the right hand side. This is much easier as I can get my foundation brush in there.
I wear the shade 'shell' which is the palest they have. It really suits my skin. I chose Double Wear because I heard it helped with oil control and gives a nice full coverage. I have very oily skin :(

Boring photo, but this product is my Mattify ultra powder which I use under and over my liquid foundation. It helps with my oil control. At first I couldn't see any difference, but I think it really does help now. By the end of the day I have a bit of oil on my forehead and nose, but I can't really notice it (also seeing as I'm going home to remove the makeup I don't bother to reapply any)
Mattify gives me a nice powdery finish, and it goes really well with my pale skin. I wish it wasn't loose though, because I have a habit of spilling it all over the place :(

Here is what I use every morning. I first use the Rimmel liquid eyeliner to create a nice cats eye look, then use MAC black eyeshadow to colour in my eyelid and make it smokey. The Australis pencil eyeliner is for my eyebrows, which are a dark blonde. I just use a little swipe of this so they look darker.
Not pictured is my mascara which is a crappy generic brand.

After my makeup I'm all ready to take the train to work!
My 'going out' makeup is more dramatic, but uses all the products I've listed and a few more.

For makeup removal I don't use a specific brand of face wipes. I'm working through them at the moment to find one brand that I really like. I need some that removes without rubbing too much, and doesn't leave a greasy feeling.
When I get home I generally grab one of these and attack my face. It doesn't get rid of all my makeup, but I have another step for that.

Here is half my makeup off from using the wipes. I don't look very impressed.

I use this face wash in the mornings and at night when I take my makeup off. It helps get the stubborn black from my face and I find it really does help with my pimples.
I wash my face in cold water as our water system is crappy and I don't want to wait 20 mins for the tap water to get warm. Plus it's always hot here, so the water is generally warm anyway.

 CLEAN FACE!!! I don't mind my skin, I have a nice pale complexion. The only thing is my problem with freckles/moles. If I get too much sun I'll find another freckle on my face :(
I have a few freckles/moles on my face which I don't notice anymore, the group on my right cheek reminded me of the Southern Cross! The only thing I worry about it my chances of skin cancer, if I get moles easily.
In Summer I generally stay indoors and go out at nighttime. Soon I'll be using my parasol everyday and I have to remember to put on sunscreen (with insect repellent! The flies are horrible already!!)

I recently got this moisturiser after reading good reviews. I never wear moisturiser as I feel my skin is already greasy without it. I usually put this on before bed, but I usually forget :P
I also slather my lips with lip balm, so my lips are nice and soft in the morning.

Other things:
- I exfoliate my face in the shower with a exfoliation glove. I use the Garnier facewash in the shower too.
- I sometimes use a clay mask when I'm feeling fancy. It leaves my skin feeling nice and soft.
- I also sometimes use those nose pore strips which pull out gunk (blackheads?) out of my nose. Gross yet awesome.
- My 'going out' makeup can invole heaps of different things. I have a green foundation to make me paler, and a primer I sometimes use. It all really depends on how I'm feeling and how much time I have :P


Anonymous said...

Hiya Love! YAY! Thank you so much for participating in the Homework Assignment! Remember to comment on the Nov 13 -- that's when the assignment is due -- to remind me to include you in the post. :) I have a head like a hole these days and forget everything.

Now on to your face -- GREAT POST! And you are absolutely gorgeous without makeup! Those eyes! WOW! And very nice skin -- it really shows the care that you put into it. :) Hugs from NYC!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I love your simple makeup look. And you are lovely with none at all! I too try to stay indoors during the day in the summer. Sometimes that's the very best thing you can do to take care of pale skin!

Sal Kaye said...

Oh no, don't hate freckles! I LOVE freckles!

Your everyday make-up is great. Although you are beautiful without make-up, too.
And your eye-color is amazing! Wow!

Jamie said...

Wow, you look lovely both ways-count me mad jealous of your nice skin and great skills with eyeliner.

Tante Fledermaus said...

I have half of Orion in moles on my back. I'm seriously considering having the missing stars tattooed on.

I like the yellow part of your eye (the other parts are nice too, but yellow is always interesting in an eye). It is a nice complement to the green hair.

Natalie said...

VictorianKitty: I try to stay indoors too, but it's a bit hard in Australia where even 10mins walking to the train station will give me a burn. Thank goodness for parasols!

Sal Kaye: I like freckles too! I have heaps on my arms, my friend used to play connect the dots!

Jamie: Eyeliner skills came with much practice, I used to be only able to use pencil liner :)

Tante Fledermaus: Orion in moles would be awesome!
The yellow part of my eye is a mystery to me, it mixes with the blue to make a green colour. I once had someone say they'd never met anyone with green eyes before and I was like "I have blue eyes"