Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Epic Belt

Today me and my friend Dani went to Fremantle to go shopping.
This is the outfit I will most likely wear to see Sisters of Mercy in March.

Siouxsie Shirt: Internet
Belt: Ebay
Skirt: City Chic
Tights: Random cut up ones
Boots: Dr. Marten

I also want to tell you about this amazing belt that I bought off ebay. It cost around $50 aud (plus postage) from the store Monkey Brainstorm. I'm such a bargain hunter that I was so happy to see affordable belts online. If I got this made in Perth it would cost a fortune.

The belt only came up to a size 44 (I think) so I messaged the seller to see if they could make a custom size for my fat arse. To my surprise the seller said they could make my size FOR NO EXTRA COST!!!
This is a seriously great quality handmade belt. I have never seen anything like this in Perth. Everyone is super jealous. So check out the Ebay store, it's seriously brilliant.
Dani recently got cheek piercings which look uber cute.
I got this awesome bat necklace.

Scottish Tablet, the yummiest thing in the world. (It's the best when it's handmade)

I also stocked up on my incense. 8 for $5!

On Thursday I went shopping with my friend, I bought a lot of junk because I had extra pay.
I got these because I would like to try wearing nice eyelashes when I go clubbing.
Pin-up socks!

I got some nail polish from the cheap cosmetic brand BYS. I buy most of my nail polish from them. I was so excited about the Quake (crackle) nail polish. I put on two coats of the UV colour then Quake over the top. It turned out really crap though, I was very disappointed. It just looked like I was wearing cheap streaky nail polish.

I've heard good things about OPI shatter polish, but we don't get that brand in Australia (at least I don't think we do)

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Tenebris In Lux said...

You rock that belt! What a find :-) And also .. that bat necklace is amazing.