Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goth Tip #2

Put on your boots BEFORE your corset!
Your corset is the last thing you do before heading out the door. Or if you're like me, wait until you get to your desination and do your corset up in the carpark (with a friend to help)
It's hard and uncomfortable to sit down in a car with your corset on, even harder to put on boots.


Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

My corset is the first thing other than an undercorset garment I put on. XD It's usually under miles of clothing. If you are like me and wear corsets under, put your bloomers/undies on OVER THE TOP of the corset. And take a pillow in the car to prop your back up.

I have no problem putting my shoes on last. ¯\(°_o)/¯ flexible hips.

jurassicgoth said...

Once, when we went to a club about an hours drive away, we decided to put out corsets on when we got there and slid into the car in our pvc. When our friend parked up at a fairly dark car park close to the venue, we all got out and started tightlacing each other in. When we turned round we realised that the whole row of cars behind us was full of taxi drivers waiting to get a call for a fare. They seem to have been very entertained by us...but we were mortified hehe

Natalie said...

Kitty: Oh, I totally understand if you wear corsets for underwear. Otherwise it might be a bit disturbing getting dressing in a parking lot :P

Jurassic: Me and my friends make a corset lacing circle where we stand in a line and do the corsets of the girl in front

jurassicgoth said...

We do that too....but it's amazing how it feels like a bad peep show with nine or ten leery cab drivers watching in semi darkness. We have learned to check the cars before embarking on bracing and lacing these days ;-)

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Circle O Corsetry. That's really cute. XD Most of the clothing I have that is not explicably goth (*cough*hippie shops*cough*) is "to suit a vintage figure", ie hips 10" or more bigger than the waist. I have that naturally, but I'm greedy. XD I want some white and pink lacey corsets for to have pretty undies, I already have adorable bloomers.

I know what you mean about bad peep show, Jurassic. XD Back where I come from, rural New South Wales, when I was younger and wore corsets on the outside (too old for that now dears) the cabbies would make comments, and the creepy bogans that hung out near the Subway there. Once we were being annoyed by these kids while waiting for my dad (a fireman, they pull up in the taxi rank to get lunch), and then dad showed up, firetruck, a half dozen huge men and all. I've never been happier to annouce "HI DADDY" in my life.

jurassicgoth said...

Never too old to wear your corset on the outside, Kitty ;-) I also wear my black frilly bloomers on the outside to go camping in along with a black cagoule....much to the embarrassment of my children hehe

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

YES! I always put on the old corset and then can barely bend over to do up the old boots. Also, sitting in the car in a corset blows. I hear ya.