Monday, February 13, 2012

Le Professeur Gothique's Monthly Homework Assignment: "I Forgot I Even Own This!"

When Le Professeur Gothique posts a new homework assigment I do it straight away. Sadly I've been very down lately, so my contribution is a little late.
Also, I have absolutely nothing hidden in my wardrobe! I recently moved, so I went through all my old clothes and did a sort out. My old clothes were from my baby bat days, so they weren't very attractive.
Luckily I have something that I rarely get to wear.

Skirt: Made by me
Shirt: DIY by me
Corset: Vollers

I used to wear long skirts all the time, but then I got used to shorter skirts. It's also a bit hard to dance in a long skirt.
I think the main reason I don't wear this is because it's hot.
I made the skirt from a Vogue pattern that my friend gave me. It's a bustle skirt.
The shirt I customised from a mans shirt and I added lace to the cuffs and neck.

I'm not a fan of this corset. I bought it years ago ($400) but I don't like overbust corsets because my boobs aren't big enough to fit them properly.

This hat I got from a fancy dress store. I've only worn it out once! I guess it's because I feel naked without my big hair.

Cameo. No idea where I got this from.

I'm pretending to be Theda Bara :)


Anonymous said...

HOLY SMOKES!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! I am so used to seeing you with short skirts and stompy boots, but THIS! WOW, you look awesome. You MADE the skirt? Ok, I am now inspired to finally replace my broken sewing machine and get cracking on some new pieces.


Thanks for participating!

Jamie said...

Wow, the corset is great and gorgeous-and the whole outfit just makes all my happy buttons go off. So dramatic and elegant! I love your hat, too-the way the vintage look emphasizes your green hair kicks ass. Do you happen to know the pattern number of the Vogue pattern you used for your skirt? Because I would really like to get a copy of it, it is a great skirt!

Natalie said...

Yes! I've found the pattern. It's Vogue 8003, missus fishtail skirt. I put in two gathers at the back instead of one though, to give it a more bustled effect

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

You have amazing skills. Very well done! And that last photo is perfect. :)

kakuidori said...

*g* so understand feeling naked without big hair but one can get used to it ;-) looks good on you, and that entire outfit!

Bane said...

Nice work on the skirt and the DIY shirt! Love the outfit and you look great! I get hot too easily. I envy people who can wear a long-sleeve, high-neck shirt and a corset without bursting into flames. ;)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Awesome job on they diy!

jurassicgoth said...

This is a great outfit and I'm so impressed that you made the skirt yourself!
Seeing your pinstriped corset reminded me that I haven't worn mine for almost two I dug it out and wore it for Ara (Manchester goth night) on Friday, so even though I haven't started a blog and HATE having my photo taken, I have sort of done Le Professeur Gothique's homework. It even made me decide to take photos of my outfits just to look back at when I'm in my little black rocking chair in the home for geriatric goths :-)