Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Black Thumb

I have terrible luck with plants. I owned a jade plant once, they are very hardy, but I came back from a two day holiday to find it broken in half. I was very strange, seeing as there was nothing to cause that.

Anyways, look what I found:

So cute!! I found these at Bunnings. Bunnings is an Australian hardware store, everyone will go there during a zombie Apocalypse. They also had cute little pots of Venus Fly Traps, but I don't think I would be able to look after them.
I should have better luck with a cactus. They need very little care, and very little water.

I like the shape of the spikes and the little flowers blooming.
I also bought a lavender plant which will require more care. I hope I can do it, I love lavender.


Nebel Finsternis Violet said...

This is so awesome!!! I collect cactus so i find this one perfect!! They are very beautiful when they bloom and have these violet flowers on top, so cute! The lavender one is also pretty!

Lucretia said...

Lavenders are pretty hardy, as a rule. Just follow the directions, talk to it if you feel inclined, and enjoy! If you need to keep it in the same pot, you can easily do a "square cut" on the sides of the dirt and also cut the bottom, and you can put it back in the same pot without hurting the plant; it just keeps it small.

If you cut back the plant itself, ONLY cut the most recent year's growth; if you cut a previous year's growth, you won't kill the plant, but it cannot grow again in that spot.

Courtney Cadaver said...

That skull planter with the cactus looks so awesome! I also have a black thumb when it comes to houseplants. I have a yard and my vegetables that I plant outside always grow like crazy so I'm baffled. Your lavender plant is lovely!

rosyapple said...

yeah i think lavender is technically a weed in perth. love it though. i think the trick for both the lavender and the cactus is not to water them too much!