Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buying Prescription Glasses Online

I have bad eyes, and I have to wear prescription glasses. I've had eye troubles since I was a kid. I have to use them for reading and using the computer, words seem hard to read without my glasses. I wear them all the time, apart from when I'm going out (such as clubbing, or transiting to/from work).
If you wear glasses you know how much they can cost. I have health insurance, so I get one free pair a year. I always add anti-glare coating to them, so this is sometimes an extra $50.
I read up a bit about buying prescription glasses online.
You first need your eye script. You can get this from your optometrist for free. When you get your eyes check, just ask for a print out. Sometimes they can get annoyed because they know that people go online to buy glasses. If they say anything, tell them it's for your own records. They can't really deny giving you your own eye record.
The second thing you'll need is your PD measurement or Pupil Distance. This is the distance from the centre of both pupils. The optometrist generally won't give you this, but it's easy to work out yourself! Grab a ruler and a friend (or a mirror). Measure in millimeters, line up the 0 with the centre of one pupil and measure to the centre of your other pupil. Do it a few times to get an accurate reading, don't worry if it's a few millimetres off!
I did this myself, and I got the reading of 68mm (or 6.8 cms). It took a little while for me to figure out the reading, but don't worry too much about it.
Next, look at some glasses websites! I chose Zenni Optical and Clearly Contacts (this is the Australian site, but there are websites for other countries too).
The system of putting your eye details in is very easy, if I can do it then you can too!
This pair is frame number # 483921 from Zenni. The frames cost $35.95, I added a anti-glare coating for $4.95. Shipping was $9.95, so the grand total for these glasses was only $50.85.
They are a cute cat-eye frame. Very sturdy.
These are from Clearly Contacts, called Love L756. The frames cost $69, BUT I used a online voucher for my first pair free. I paid $19.95 for a coatings bundle which included anti-glare. Postage was $12.99. So these glasses only cost $32.95!! A real bargain. I highly suggest looking around online for vouchers. I used Retail Me Not, but do a google search too!
I enjoy my Love L756 glasses better, only because I like the large frames (so I don't have to keep tilting my head to read through the lenses).
The only hard part of buying prescription glasses online is not knowing how they will look on you!


Madame Mari Mortem said...

Oh man, I saw a pair of those second ones while shopping for my current Victorian inspired; they were fierce competition... it was a tough choice!
They look super cute on you, I think they're my favorite on you between the two.

Meagan Kyla said...

You look awesome in both pairs!! Love them!!!

Meeow said...

oooooh you are looking great... I really love the first pair - soooo cute! I am searching for those glasses here in Germany, but they are hard to find... Need a new pair so soon!

Courtney Cadaver said...

I love the cateye glasses, the wing detail is so cute! I got cateye glasses in the Love brand from Clearly Contacts and it's kinda dorky but I love the cute little silver heart detail.

I think Clearly Contacts has a little browser app where you can upload a photo of your face and superimpose the frames over it. Not super accurate but definitely helpful!

Nebel Finsternis Violet said...

The first pair looks so sexy!! it suits you most!

Bane said...

Great information! Glasses from the optometrists' office can be crazy expensive. A tip - receipts from previous purchases of glasses might list your pupil distance.

I love the cat-eye frames!

1666 X 30 said...

zenni optical is the best

Jane Smith said...

Hey Nat, you should check out

Sary Walrus said...

Great tip with Retail Me Not. I literally live on that site!

mo shockey said...

wicked cute! ( but you always are...) i get my specs from zenni too, the skull and crossbones ones for now, but i need new ones soon ( and a new prescription...but no insurance yuck! )

Lily said...

Lovely! They are even better than any black sunglasses!
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Lily said...
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Mark Edward said...

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Optickart said...

All these Uber cool sunglasses make my red wayfarers look positively pedestrian. All the really interesting ones I like never work with my eyeglass prescription.

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Louise Kelly said...

If you look on Goggles4U under "Hearty" there's a few Zenni cat-eye frames on there. They currently have a few voucher codes available, too.
After seeing your picture with the winged cat-eyes, I just had to purchase (from G4U)! You look great!