Friday, April 26, 2013

Do You Know These Docs?

I bought these pointy buckled winklepicker Doc Martens on ebay a few months ago. I've been looking around everywhere on the internet for information about them, but I can't find anything.
Do you know anything about these, or do you know someone who might? I'd really like to know how rare they are, and what era they are from. I've contacted the Doc Marten website, but they haven't got back to me (I hate big corporations sometimes).

Basically I want this information so I can start wearing them. I don't want to ruin rare boots! Any help will be wonderful! They're a size 10, in case you're wondering.


linnea-maria said...

WOW what a nice find. Sadly I don't now anything about these.

Courtney Cadaver said...

Those boots are gorgeous! I don't know anything about them but from the looks of them they can't be any older than early-mid 90's. Is there a Made In... stamp somewhere on it? I know the ones made in England are getting pretty rare now.

Emily Enxious said...
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