Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monthly Homework Assignment: April Showers

It has been rainy here in Perth the last few days. Sadly, it's not cold so the resulting days are humid :(

I've been on the lookout for a good umbrella for a long time. I love compact umbrellas, so I can fold it and carry it in my bag. Whenever I buy an umbrella, it seems to die once a gust of wind comes along. Apparently, Perth is the second windiest city in the world, so that doesn't mix well with umbrellas.
I don't ask for much in an umbrella, I want it to cover my hair and makeup. I don't want the rain to wash off my eyebrows and ruin my hair!

My favourite rain boots are my Dr. Martens. I make sure to polish them well, so they are water proof. They're great for splashing around.

These are my current boots and they're looking a bit sad.
They have a hole in the sole, that lets in the water! :( That means I get sad wet feet.
Luckily, I have bought a new pair.
I got these second hand on ebay. I totally recommend buying online, as they are much cheaper than getting from a store. You can do the sneaky thing, and go into a store to find your size then buy online. It seems a bit low, but the shoes in the store can cost $200 when they're only $100 online.
I'm not looking forward to breaking them in, there will be many blisters and bandaids. Once I have broken them in I will have a lovely pair of boots for the coming winter! Yay!!


Lesthis gothworld said...

Best shoes for rainy days indeed! Best shoes for every day ;P

Laura Morrigan said...

Yayyy! New docs! Yes, when I get a pair I definitely need to try them in store, my feet are hard to fit with shoes, so I always need to try them first!

I would like to find a second hand pair, as they are hard to wear in, but I really want the ones with embroidered flowers!

Insomniac's Attic said...

I've had my eye on a pair of Doc Marten Triumph's on eBay for a while now. But I haven't been able to find a store to go try them on first so I don't make a mistake with the size! Do you always find you get blisters breaking in a new pair? I did buy my first pair of Blundstones this week though! Not very Goth, but they'll be good for country living, right? ;o)

The Professor said...

I agree, Docs are the best for the rain ... not so much for the snow. Brrrr! And let's talk: I HATE the break in time. HATE IT. :(