Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mods vs. Rockers @ Club Unknown

Last weekend at Club Unknown they held a Mods vs. Rockers night. Only playing 50s and 60s music, which DJ Xymox has heaps of experiance in.
I had no idea what to wear, but I luckily remembered my red dress that I got in the UK. I bought it from Ebay UK, it was about $15aud.
The one thing I was worried about was my hair, because I usually just backcomb it like Robert Smith. Luckily, my best friends girlfriend is a rockabilly type and she did my hair for me. It turned out really nice.

Photograph taken at my friends house
Dress: Evans
Cardigan: Moda (Target)
Belt: Evans
Tights: Evans
Boots: Underground Shoes
Hair flower and skull cardigan clips: Borrowed from my friends girlfriend

I saw myself once my hair was done. I was like "OMG, I look like a girl!" The whole outfit was very femme, and it's such a surprise for me to see myself looking girly and pretty.

Cute skull cardigan clips. I also got to borrow earrings with the same skull design.

You can see the earrings here, along with hair, flowers, and fake eyelashes!

I had such a great night, the music was brilliant and DJ Xymox played my Happy Together by the Turtles. Here is some more photos of me at the club. And me dancing, with my dance face on.

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