Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wants- Kambriel edition

Ever since I was a little Babybat, I've loved Kambriel clothing. I've always looked at the webpage and wished I could own just ONE item of awesome traditional goth clothing.
I can imagine laying around in Graveyards, with my hair teased big and wearing pointy boots. Well, it's not far from what I do now. But I still wish I had enough money to buy such nice clothing.

Midnight Bustle, Kambriel. $800usd depending on size. This jacket and skirt set is so amazing, even the model looks like she's wandering on the moors. I love the effect of the tulle at the bustle, and I want the hat to go with the outfit too.

Theda Skirt and Blouse, Kambriel. Prices depending on size. This is probably the first outfit I wanted from Kambriel. I first found the designer from Gothic Beauty magazine, which I buy every time it comes out. I'm sure this outfit is based on Theda Bara, who happens to be one of my Goth idols.

The Spider Queen shawl, Kambriel. $75usd. This is so pretty, I remember seeing it in a recent(ish) issue of Gothic Beauty magazine. I think I will buy this when I have enough money.

All this clothing reminds me of the March Violets. Who happen to have a new video/song out, which I love. Called Dandelion King:

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