Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Target Moda Review- Overpriced and Poor Quality

Yep, you read the title right. Moda clothing at Target is overpriced and poor quality. At least from what I have observed.

I don't like having to do a bad review, but Moda really pisses me off. When I pay $30 for clothing I expect it to be good. Especially when it's so hard to find plus sized clothing and sometimes the only option is Kmart, Big W, or Target.

I got some Moda tights not too long ago, I wore them to the Gary Numan concert. I bought the biggest size, size X2 which would fit me according to the size chart.

I pull them on, they fit around my lower legs fine, but not my thieghts. Well, it's a squeeze to get into the theigh bit. Then for some reason, the waistband is fine it might even be too loose.
I think 'oh, doesn't matter. It's only a bit tight, I'm sure it'll be alright for a few hours'
Walking to the train station, my tights are falling down. I hate this, why the hell are they falling down. I'm used to a good pair of tights sitting on my hips, like a pair of Evans tights.

When I get into Perth I have to duck into the drug toilet (lit with blue light so they can't see their veins) so I can pull up my tights again.

And again when I get to the Astor theatre for Gary Numan.
And again after the concert. Then I realise the tights have been rubbing my knuckles as I've been pulling them up and I have two nice friction sores. Mmm, bloody.

I keep having to just hold onto my tights so they don't fall down, and it's not helping much. When I'm walking home I think 'screw it' and just let them go to see what happens. Within two steps they're around my ankles. But luckily it's 11pm and raining so there are no cars to see my lilly white legs.

My friend said I should have done the Superman (putting a pair of knickers over the tights) but I shouldn't have to do that. I am very disappointed in the tights, and will now stick to Evans tights (which are sadly seasonal)

I've had some other run ins with crappy Moda products. In January 2010 I bought two skirts with my xmas gift card. They didn't last one wearing.
I put one on to wear to a bbq, and by the end of the day the seams were unraveling.
It wasn't a factor of the skirts being too small, they were the correct size and I didn't feel they were tight. This happened with the second skirt too.

The one last point I have against Moda is the price (and most the clothes are very ugly, and don't flatter anyone). The two skirts I got used up all my gift card (I could have got something better). I have cardigans from Moda, and it is VERY overpriced. I had to save up $40 for one. I don't generally spend this much but the cardigan was a style that's not available anywhere else. Also, it's plus sized and once the clothes are gone, then they're gone.

I recommend buying tights from Evans. I have also heard good things about We Love Colors, which I will review once I get enough money to buy a pair.

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We Love Colors said...

Hi! I came across your blog post and wanted to let you know that we're offering free shipping to Australia & New Zealand on orders over $30 starting June 1st! If you're considering trying our tights, that would be the best time to buy :)
I also recommend our Nylon/Lycra Plus Size Tights Style# 1008 as they contain lycra which adds to the comfort and stretch of the tights. They are a bit more expensive but well worth it.

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