Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday Wants

I apoligize. I was suppose to write a post about a recent concert I went to at Easter, but I've been very preoccupied.
Well, the next two weeks will be busy so I'll be able to post a few items of clothing. I've got Gary Numan next wednesday, then the Perth roller derby bout. And finally going to Club Unknown.

So, here are my wants for the week:

Trashville platform boots, from Demonia. Unknown price, seeing as they don't list them on their website. I've been wanting a pair of these forever. They'd be really comfy and awesome for when I want to dress up more industrial goth. I'm tall, but these would make me really tall! And I love the look of PVC items.

Bogart - 6 Plain Buckle Boots, Underground Shoes. £86 EXPENSIVE!!! That is the only reason I haven't bought these yet. It would cost something like $200 to get them, and I could buy two pairs of Demonia boots for that much. But I love goth winklepickers! I've wanted a pair every since seeing the Craft (I know, I know -_-;)

Man Military Gothic Thick Wool Double Breasted Mid-Calf Coat, fanplusfriend. $175usd. Elegent Gothic Lolita is beautfil. Their clothing is very victorian, yet modern. Most suppliers only cater to smaller sizes, probaly because Japanese girls and guys tend to be small and tiny. Luckily, this website does custom sizes! Very cool. I can imagine an awesome uniform related outfit. Too bad it would be too hot to wear in Australia :(

Black Floral Detail Stretch Belt, Yours Clothing. £10. When I get enough money I'm going to buy at least 10 different waist belts. They go with everything and create a nice hourglass figure.

Zombie Chomper Handbag, Ironfist. $65aud. I am not a handbag type of girl. I usually make my own bags, usually messenger bags so I can have my hands free. But if I was a handbag girl, I would buy this. I am thinking about buying it, just so I can get used to a handbag on my arm. For some odd reason I just don't suit them.


Gina Blechman said...

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<3 Gina Blechman

P.S. Tipping the Velvet let me to your blog

seirenis said...

hello,Hope that helps :


not expensive anymore,hoping that they fit! ;) bye

Natalie said...

Seirenis: Thanks for posting that link :) I bought myself a pair not long ago, my feet are a size 11 :D