Monday, August 1, 2011

Darkwave @ The Bakery

I've had a cold, which accounts for my not posting 'Wednesday Wants' last Wednesday. Sorry about that.

On Friday the 29th, me and Nix went to Darkwave. It was a concert containing 8 bands, all of them indie sounding. I'm pretty sure that they were all from Perth too. I was excited to see Like Junk play, because the guitarist is the guy I work with. They were great! Another band I really liked was Heytesburg, who sounded very Trad Goth.

Me and Nix were the only Goths there. It's really horrible not going out and dressing up every weekend.

 I wore my lovely MAC lipstick again. This time I outlined my lips in black eyeliner and blended it. I had to be super quick with my makeup, as the show started at 8pm! I'm also wearing my favourite necklace which has bats on it. I got it from a Halloween jewelery bin. Oh, how I love Halloween.

Being classing, standing in a carpark next to a random car. Pulling an unattractive face :P
Specimen shirt: Specimen gig, last year in the UK (they were great!)
Fishnet top: Cut up tights
Bangles: Evans
Corset: Can't remember
Skirts: Lace skirt from Chain Reaction. Skirt under that, swing skirt from Evans
Tights: We Love Colours
Boots: Demonia

On Saturday I got a new nose piercing, it's healing up well but hurts a bit.

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Kim said...

I love your lippy and I have the ASOS peter pan collar dress and I wear it with cream tights too :) Its a great dress and you rock it!! :)