Saturday, September 17, 2011

Undergound Boots- Review

I now own two pairs of winklepickers from Underground Boots: I have the Cuban Heel Beat Boot and the Bogart boot.
This is my review of the Bogart boot.

Ever since I was a baby bat, I've always wanted a pair of winklepickers. I loved the buckles and the pointy toes. It's only been recently that I've earned enough money to buy a pair from the UK.
I was actually a bit worried about buying these, because my calves are big and I was scared they wouldn't fit around them. Thankfully they're not too bad, the straps are leather so I could stretch them a little bit.

 The inside of the boot has a cute map of the Camden area of London. The leather is really nice and supple, it doesn't take too much to break them in.
I have polished them once, and the gloss has held up nicely. The shoes aren't too tall, and reach about mid calf on me.

 The shoes are really comfy, and my wide feet fit perfectly in the boot. They take awhile to get on, because there are no zips so you have to buckle them whenever you wear them. I enjoy that because it gives a nice authentic design to them.
I love the pointy toes, and how the heels make a clipping noise when I walk.

The only cons are the price, and the fact you will have to go to the cobblers to get a new sole put on. The sole is a smooth plastic makes you slip on any surface. As you can see in the above photo, I've gotten them re-soled at my local cobblers. The heel is okay, but you'll need to get a half sole for the other part. That adds extra cost, and I wish that the company would put a really good sole on this so it's ready for dancing straight away.

Overall, I think they're a great pair of winklepickers. I'm glad I got them, even though I was a bit worried to begin with. Sometimes it's hard to figure out your size when they only have an online identity in your country. I was lucky to be able to check my size on a pair in the UK.
They're a great shoe for dancing, and it's only after a long time that my feet begin to hurt a bit. I highly recommend Underground Shoes if you want some really cool winklepickers.


Julietslace said...

Those are lovely, I'm jealous. I'm tempted to get some but I'm worried they might not fit me, my feet are odd :(

Kim said...

Cool boots!!! I am off to Camden tomorrow so I will see whats there!

Thanks for the tights tip. I am about 30mm taller, so they should still be okay guess?

I am sick of spending all day "hoicking", (my word!) tights up! :D

Natalie said...

Julietslace: You might want to see what type of returns they have. That's what I hate about buying stuff online :(

Kim: Underground Boots are available in Camden somewhere, but I didn't see the place when I went there. I tried to find it, but I was rushed for time :(
I know what you mean about the tights. Me and my friend 'Superman' our loose tights by wearing a pair of knickers over the top. It really helps!

Kim said...

Off there right now, so will take a good look! :D

What a great tights idea.. omg! I am going to try it today. Excellent name for it too I will add!! :D