Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's In My Bag

No Wednesday Want this week, instead you can see what's in my bag. I've always wanted to do this, but never had the chance seeing as I never owned a handbag.

Here we have my Ironfist Zombie Chomper handbag. It's actually dying a little bit, I think the handles are going to snap off one day. I still really like this handbag though. You'll see how much I can keep in it. The front has two pockets.

On the side of my bag is my Pokewalker and a Pikachu charm.

A glimpse inside my bag. You can see a small pocket on the inside.

 Black classic ipod, Sony headphones and my Smartrider (for the bus/train). They sit in my front pocket. Because I used public transportation all the time I have my smartrider here, so I know where it is and I don't have to go digging in my bag for it.
My ipod slips into the pocket too, while I wear my headphones. When I'm not using them (like at work) they go into the main part of the bag because the headphones don't fold up (only thing I don't like about them).
These Sony headphones are great! I used to have Skullcandy, but they kept dying on me and the Australian warranty email doesn't work. So they lost themselves a customer.
Not sure if you can see, but my ipod shows me listening to David Bowie.

 In the other pocket is a bunch of tissues. I seriously love tissues, so useful!

This is in the secret pocket inside of the bag. I have (from top left) blotting paper. A sanitary napkin (I don't like tampons. TMI?) a handkerchief, a new pack of Extra gum, a small pack of Extra gum, some Nurofen

Inside my bag I have two books. One's a plain notebook for writing random stuff. The other is a calender/diary.

Found this in my diary. It's to help choose a font for my Elitist tattoo.

Here I have (from top left): A grey glasses case usually holding my sunglasses, my reading glasses case (They're new!), a delivery slip from the UPS guy who decided to put the package in the metre box instead, my spiderweb coin purse.

A random fan that was left in my bag from dancing at the Loft. Yes, I dance with a fan, because it gets bloody hot when you dance for 5 songs straight. Also it looks really cool.
My red skull wallet, nothing very interesting.

A mirror in an ugly blue case. My sunglasses I got for $3 at a Op Shop. Dettol hand sanitiser. Some breath mints. Pack of nail files with skull, hearts and checks.

My I.D. card for work (I blacked out most of my name). A Nintendo DS (currently playing Pokemon Black). Nivea lipbalm (Love this stuff, I can't stand flavoured lipbalm). Two pens.

 An umbrella that lives in the bottom of my bag.

My new phone, with a David Bowie screen saver.


Fatally Yours said...

Fun post!! I love your spiderweb coin purse!

Phoenix said...

Bowiiieee <3
Great post :D