Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Yep, I'm a terrible person. I didn't upload a Wednesday Want last week, but I've been so tired lately. I'm seriously not getting enough sleep :(

First off, I was looking at my blog stats today and found that a few sites had linked to my blog! I was so surprised. First off is the brilliant Ultimate Goth Guide, which has featured my blog a few times. Go and look at that blog, because it is really awesome.
Second is Le Professeur Gothique. I actually have no idea where I'm mentioned on there, but I've only just found that blog. It seems very interesting, being about Goth professionals, and their fashion. I'm going to have a read, and you should too! Some very nice outfits there, it makes me think I should post some of my clothes I wear to work too.

I've realised I should really keep a list of blogs I read, so that I can go back to see what's been updated :P

Second bit of news. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the week. On Friday I get to visit New Norcia for a library conference. New Norcia is Australia's only monastic town, with awesome Spanish architecture. We get to go an look at the monks private libraries *squee!*
Then on Friday night I get to go out dancing!! There's a place in Perth called Devilles, I've never been before but I know the decor is very awesome. They're having a Batcave night on Friday, so me and one of my best friends are going to go. I'll try to take pictures of our outfits!

Okay, and now for the long awaited Wednesday Wants (my friend has been bugging me because I didn't post last week)

 Victoriana Wrap. City Chic, $79.95aud. I really dislike City Chic for being so expensive, that's one of the reasons I don't like shopping there. This item is meant for the 'bedroom' but I saw it in store and I would totally wear it over a plain dress along with a corset. Just look at that awesome fake bustle/ruffles on the bum!

Military Shirt Dress. City Chic, $119.95aud. I also saw this in store, then I looked at the price tag. Whenever I'm touching an overpriced item, I drop it like a hot coal and want to get away as fast as I can. Just in case some freak accident happens and I have to pay for it.

Dark Star Black Velvet and Cotton Dress. Dark Star, $46.99usd? A nice simple dress. I'm really crazy about dresses at the moment. Summer is coming to Aus, so I will probably be wearing a crap load of dresses. This would be nice with a corset, or maybe just a belt for picnics.


Kim said...

I love that wrap! You could for sure wear that out :)

Not sure if you saw my message a few posts ago, but its Perth I am from! :D

I am really enjoying your blog btw! :)

Natalie said...

Yay for Perth! I went to the UK last year and I missed Perth so much. Although not the hot weather, I loved the cold in the UK

Kim said...

I dont miss the hot weather either. But I do miss knowing in summer that its not going to be sunny in the morning and rain in the afternoon. :D

I much prefer the cool weather for fashion too being the size I am, shorts are not a good look!! :D

Phoenix said...

Ohmygod I love that wrap. So gorgeous. The dress is awesome too. Yay for dresses in summer! ^^