Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Wants and What I Wore

Yes! I combined Wednesday Wants and What I Wore, because I'm lazy. I've had a crappy cold recently. Actually, it's not been the worst cold I've had and I'm very lucky that I only get about three or four a year.

Two things that I want this week:
Evans black spot mesh tunic. Evans, £29.50. Very cute, there are lots of tunics on Evans at the moment and I wonder if they're long enough for me to wear as a dress. Seeing as I'm tall, I don't think it'll work :P

Evans black lace prom dress. Evans, £49.50. Why can't they put sleeves on it? It would be so much nicer if it had some pretty sleeves. I also think it would be better to have a mannequin that actually has boobs, so we can see what it would look like.

Now onto what I wore!
I think I mentioned going to Devilles in Perth on Friday. They had a one off night called 'Batcave' and Goths got in free! With the promise of traditional Goth music, how could I pass it up? Here's what I wore:
 I think my outfit turned out really nice!!
Lace undershirt: from an ex-friend
Black top: from Camden markets in the UK (£10)
Corset: Minx corsetry
Skirt: New! From Ebay (America)
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Demonia
Bangles: Evans
Fan: Fremantle E-Shed Markets
Necklace: Rosary (from New Norcia) Velvet choker (Ebay UK)

Yes, a new skirt. I wore it to work once, but I think it works much better as a going out goth skirt. It's a fine mesh in panels with a black underskirt, it's really swishy when I dance.

This is one of my best friends. We've always planned to shave our heads together and she took the plunge before me! So I had to catch up and do mine too. We freshly shaved our heads before going out :P it's nice that I can do that with a friend. She's seriously le smex, and she's my role model!

 You can see our shaved noggins' here.

Here is a bit of a closeup of my makeup. Taken on my phone, I really love the effects as you can tell. You can better see my choker which has a spiderweb pendant. I made this nose chain myself.
I was a bit disappointed by the event. There was not enough Goth music, and they only played the popular stuff. My and my friend played 'spot the flannel shirt' because this club lets in lots of normal people.

Here is what I wore to the Loft on Sunday the 11th:
You might notice the hair colour change! My friends came over on Saturday and we bleached/dyed my hair to a darker green. It's turned out pretty well.
Dress: City Chic
Fishnet top: DIY
Necklaces: Long beads (Ebay) Batnecklace (Halloween bin)
Belt: Yours Clothing
Bag: Ironfist
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Underground Boots

This dress has pockets! I'm not actually a fan of how it looks, but I do know my arse looks good in it.

 I will be doing a review of Undergound Shoes because I have two pairs of them now. I have four pairs of winklepickers now :P
In this photo you can also see the comfort shorts I wear, which I get from Evans. I seriously love them and I've bought 5 pairs while they were in stock/season.

 Nix and Me.

Taken on my spiffy phone. I was very lazy with makeup. Just foundation, eyeliner and shadow. You can also see how my hair is darker.


Kim said...

I love the Evans tunic too, I might have to go and try that. I am tall too so its never going to work as a dress. Even the ASOS peter pan collar one only just fits as a dress! :D

The darker green is fantastic!! Cool night out photos!! :D

Natalie said...

The peter pan collar dress is the same on me! It sits about mid thigh :P

Kim said...

I am still wearing it everywhere, I love that dress! Mind you its turning cold here and I dont think its going to be warm enough for much longer :( Its mid September and I am already wearing thick tights. I am going to order some from "we love colors" are they a good fit for tall girls? :)

Phoenix said...

Oh my god you look so hot. That outfit ruuules! Sucks they didn't play much goth music though :(

Natalie said...

Kim: I'm about 175cm and We Love Colors are a good length for me :)

Anonymous said...

I love your Wednesday Wants, you have such great taste!! ^^