Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Yes, I'm late again. I've been reading a book instead of going online to update this blog. So here I am now, doing it at work. Making sure I don't get seen.

Black Stud Punk Rock Gothic Tote Shoulder Bag. Ebay, $32.99usd. I've told you that my Ironfist Zombie bag is dying, so I was thinking about buying one of these as a replacement. Or I'll just get another Ironfist bag.

Black Crochet Cover Up. Yours Clothing, £28.00. I'm a fan of these lace and crochet cover ups. I've realised how awesome they looks teamed up with my lace shirts. Sadly this one has an ugly flower right in the middle of it.


Inmate 4 said...

Are you going as Stark/Iron man?

Natalie said...

Sadly not. I'm revealing it all in my new post! :)