Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sisters of Mercy @ Soundwave

I thought I would never, ever see one of the big goth bands. Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Sisters of Mercy are all from the 80s, and I was only born in 89. I missed out on everything, not to mention I live in a town where no bands play (Perth is on the other side of Australia, most isolated capital city in the world)

Seeing Sisters of Mercy was a dream come true. Who cares if I had to pay over $100 for a festival where I'd only see one band. Soundwave doesn't usually have anything I'd like to see, and this year was no exception (apart from Sisters). I bought tickets for me and my friend.
Everything fell into place though. Even though Sisters of Mercy weren't headlining, their set was at 9pm. They were playing at a small stage, compared to other huge stages where bands like Slipknot and Marilyn Manson were playing.
They were also playing the same time as bands such as System of a Down and Machine Head, so there was a lack of horrible bogan dickheads (yay)

Soundwave was held on the public holiday Monday. At the University we don't get public holidays off, so I worked. I didn't mind because it was 36 degrees and the library is air conditioned.
I got home a bit early though so I could get ready in time. I walked down to the train station, and arrived at the festival around 6pm. I was lucky, there was no crowd on the train and no one waiting to get into the festival grounds.

I then walked around and found my friend Merissa who had been there most of the day. We sat down for a few hours. I happened to see Marilyn Manson on the big screen, he was terrible!! He's been given bad reviews from all over Australia, so I don't know what's been happening to him.

Soon enough it was time to make it over to the stage where Sisters were playing. We arrived extra early, so as to get a good spot.

AND WE WERE IN FRONT ROW!! Right at the barrier!

Andrew is wearing a white hoodie and smoking a cigarette, because he is totally goth.

The amount of smoke was brilliant.

I got the set list!! I sucked up to the dudes in red. Everyone wanted one last song, but they didn't come back on :(
I wished that they had played a side show, I'm certain they would have had more people if they played at the Astor Theatre instead.

It was epic though ^_^
Here's what I wore:

I wore my Specimen shirt I got from their gig in the UK last year (they were great). My skirt is from City Chic, and I'm also wearing my epic bondage belt.

My best friend, Merissa, is probably super annoyed because I was screaming my head off. Also, she couldn't buy any alcohol because she was wearing fake blood :P


Anonymous said...

Indeed, SoM is awesome live ... unless he's in NYC. He HATES NYC and often badgers the crowd. At least he did the last two times I saw SoM here. Now Boston and Philadelphia -- those are good shows. Goddess, I hope he makes his way back to the States! I'm dying to see him again!


The Tenth Muse said...


Meagan Kyla said...

Yay! Sisters are known for their smoke, smoke and MORE smoke! Great set list too, I LOVE Alice!

Dani DeathBiscuit said...

I saw you at Soundwave but.. I was way too embarrassed to say hi.

jurassicgoth said...

I'm glad you got to see the Sisters but it is a shame they didn't do an encore. I haven't seen them for quite a few years but saw them quite a few times in the 80's and they always put on a good show.
Sad to hear that Marilyn Manson is still not back on form. His new material sounds and looks like a return to the territory of the old stuff so I was hoping to go and see him when he tours again...probably won't bother then. I loved the earlier tours especially the Guns, God and Government tour but the Grotesk Burlesk performances I saw were a bit patchy so I haven't been to see him since then.
Glad you had a great time at the festival :-)

Natalie said...

Dani DeathBiscuit: You're from Perth!??!! You should have come to say hello! Although I probaly would have just had a blank face, like "how do you know who I am?"

Jurassic: I wished for an encore, but no luck :(
There were seriously bad reviews from all over Australia about Manson. I don't know what happened, but he could be better in different countries.