Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Clueless Witch Lime Crime, Wicked and Black Velvet Review. Plus Red Velvet

In March, Lime Crime released three new colours to their Velvetines range, called the Clueless Witch collection. The three colours offered are brown (Salem), dark red (wicked), and black (black velvet). I did not purchase Salem because I don't think I would ever wear brown lipstick.
Velvetines come in a lipgloss tube, they go on your lips wet and then dry to a matte lipstick that will stay on all day. I've eaten food while wearing Red Velvet and it stayed on really well, although the colour was a bit faded on the inside of the lip (as you would expect).
I'm a huge fan of matte lipsticks, and I was eager to get my hands on some Goth colours. I had previously bought the colour Red Velvet, which is a striking bright red that gets lots of compliments.

As this lipstick is matte, I suggest exfoliating your lips beforehand. It really defeats the purpose if you put lip gloss or balm over the top of this lipstick, as it will not set properly and won't be long lasting. I've had no trouble with dryness.
I also line my lips with a relevant colour, so it's easier to know where I need to paint the lipstick.

A little about Lime Crime, I'm a fan of their products. The eyeshadow primer/helper is my favourite product, as the Urban Decay primer does not work for me. That being said, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the brand and the owner. Google about Lime Crime controversy and read up, but I have had no problem with products I have received.

Back to the lipsticks!
The lipstick comes in a nice frosted tube. It's $20 for 3g of product (a bit expensive)

Here is the wand. The lipstick has a nice smell, kind of like vanilla.

Lime Crime is on the bottom row, these are swatches while wet. The top two colours are a dupe product MUA Luxe Lip Velvet, click for my review!

Black Velvet (Clueless Witch).
I haven't worn black lipstick in such a long time, I guess because I could never find the perfect lipstick. I love Black Velvet because it doesn't smudge and it provides great coverage in only two applications.

Red Velvet.
My first purchase. For some reason, my photo looks like I'm terrible at applying lippy.
I highly recommend this colour, I really love how smooth it is to apply and it really suits me.

Wicked (Clueless Witch).
I love dark reds and plums, so this colour really makes me happy. Funnily enough, I think I like Red Velvet more.

Pros: Easy to apply, nice smelling, and long lasting. Awesome matte lipstick!

Cons: A bit expensive for the amount of product in the tube. Some controversy surrounding brand.

I suggest Googling the product to see some more swatches of the lipsticks, as my photography skills are lacking.


TanteFledermaus said...

The Red Velvet pulls really blue, doesn't it?

TanteFledermaus said...
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N. Finsternis said...

i´ve been wanting to lay my hands on Lime Crime, but since I read one of your other reviews and searched for the controversies, I kind of stopped being excited about them... the colors look beautiful and the black looks amazing!! i always though black lipstick doesn´t really exist..