Wednesday, June 18, 2014

MAU Luxe Lipstick Review

MAU (Makeup Academy) is a UK makeup brand available from Superdrug (in the UK) and online. They offer really cheap makeup and a variety of product. I was drawn to their Velvet Lips lipstick, which is similar to Lime Crime Velvetines. The lipstick goes on wet and dries matte. Right now, they offer five different colours. I chose a Reckless (red), and Kooky (purple). Check out my review for Lime Crime Velvetines to get a  feel for how Reckless and Red Velvet are similar.

As these are matte lipsticks, I suggest exfoliating your lips and not putting any lip gloss or balm on top as this can make the lipstick not set and cause it to smudge.
I've not tried these while eating food yet, but when I do I'll come back and update this review. I expect that there will be fading on the inside of the lips, but the colour will still be okay.
I also line my lips beforehand, red is easy to find in a lipliner but purple may be hard so I use purple eyeliner instead.

Reckless on the left, and Kooky on the right
£3.00 or $6aud for 6ml. Lots of product for a cheap price (unlike Lime Crime)

Wet swatches on the top row, the bottom row is Lime Crime and you can see that the reds are very similar.

I feel this colour is a dupe to Lime Crime's Red Velvet. You can see that it's a little bit different in formula to Red Velvet, I think it's because Reckless and Kooky are more thick.

I love this purple. There is a Youtube video explaining that you can combine Reckless and Kooky to make a nice Goth colour similar to the Lime Crime Clueless Witch collection.

Pros: Very cheap, even including shipping to Australia. Long lasting colour, and a dupe to Lime Crime Red Velvet. Lots of other cool products on their website.

Cons: The product is thick. Seems to be Sold Out often on the website (I signed up for email notification when it was in stock again)

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