Thursday, June 12, 2014

June Descent

Last Thursday I got to DJ at Descent, which is our old school Goth music night. It was very quiet, around 30 people came. I was supposed to have two sets, but we closed early so I didn't play my second set. I didn't mind, because I was tired and wanted to go to bed :)

Lace dress: City Chic
Winklepickers: Underground Shoes (I need to get a new pair)
Belt: I can't remember, maybe City Chic?

I love the high-low look. I took off the belt before I left and I wasn't feeling comfortable wearing it.

My hair is taking it's time to grow out, I also need to dye it. I had a go at using green eyeshadow to paint my eyebrows on.
I'm wearing Black Velvet from Lime Crime, part of their new Clueless Witch collection. I'll be doing a review of the two colour I bought from them.

Also wearing my nose chain.

Here is what I played:
Love Song - The Cure
Marian - Sisters of Mercy
Israel - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Spirit Walker - The Cult
Go! - Tones on Tail
Eighties - Killing Joke
Transmission - Joy Division
Rhythms - Crashblack Big Orange
Dandelion King - March Violets
Northanger Abbey - Rule of Thirds


Meagan Kyla said...

Love the dress and the look!!!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I enjoy the green eyebrows.